software consultancy, architecture, development and project-leadership


zoran.net is your one-stop-shopping site for everything you need concerning your local-software- or online-system development. whether you're starting a new project and need everything, from ground-up (software requirements specification, detailed design specification, architecture, technology, development, etc.) or you're already in the middle of your software project and need a re-design/makeover, additional resources, leadership...


what can you expect from us:


solutions pre-production development post-production

online systems

mobile apps

generic middleware

industrial software

business consulting for software projects

srs and dds docs

user-experience preparation

resource management

production management


software maintenance

re-writing / makeover

reverse engineering


none of these elements are obligatory, nor dependent on each other. you may mix'n'match as you please, and as your project requires at current point...


you may also wish to read about how it all works on a one-pager executive summary .


choose zoran.net for highest-quality, senior software consultancy at affordable prices.


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